School History

School History:-

Arunachalam Higher Secondary School is an Aided Higher Secondary School run by AMM Arunachalam Trust. It is located in Thiruvattar,Kanyakumari district, which is named after the great philanthropist,Mr.AMM Arunachalam. The school was founded in 1928 by Mr.Parameswara Kurup, father of Mr.Kamukara Purushothaman who was a popular play back singer. The small seed branched out into a High school in the year 1951.The following years witnessed a radical growth of the Institution and it had been upgraded to Higher Secondary School in the year 1978.The year 1981 saw a change in the management. Late Mr.AMM Arunachalam, the well-known philanthropist and businessman in south India took over the management of the school.

His vision to provide quality education to the children of underprivileged class has seen changes which is exhibited by the selection of quality teachers, provision of high quality and technologically advanced Teaching Learning aids. which only few of the modern schools can afford to. Our honourable Chairman Mr.M.A.Alagappan following the footsteps of his father illumines the world with his charitable works. He is behind all the achievements and successfully leads this institution to greater heights.

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