School Guidelines

School discipline and code of conduct:

We believe both the School and parents are responsible for the overall development of a child. A close working relationship between the parents and School will ensure the best outcome and welfare of children. Every institution needs to work under certain terms and conditions in order to maintain a healthy environment Here are some of the most basic and common rules and regulations which should be followed by every single child, parent and staff member without fail.All our considerations are in favour of child, his or her safety, well being and good citizenship


• Punctuality and regularity in attendance is essential.

• If a student remains absent from school due to illness or emergency, even for a day, the parent needs to inform class teacher..

• Those students who are on leave for more than two days have to be accompanied by the parents on the next day.

• Students are not allowed to leave the class without School out-pass recommended by class teacher and signed by Headmistress.


• Every student is required to carry the school identity card each day of the school.

• Students must come to school in neatly laundered uniform.

• Hair must be kept neat and tidy at all times. Fancy hair styling, tinting, dyeing, highlighting and bleaching of hair are strictly not allowed. Only black chappals are allowed

• Boys must be in clean-shaven at all times. No facial hair is allowed. Hair must not touch the collar and must be sloped at the sides and rear. No sideburns and ducktails are allowed. The fringe must be above the eyebrows and should not be spiky. Hair when combed down should not touch the eyebrows or/and the ears. Hair must not be permed. They must not wear low-hip, slim fit pants, and pants should have enough length to cover ankle.Only loose-fitting half shirts are allowed.. The shirts must be long enough to ensure that it does not come out when tucked in. Also, belts with black buckles will only be permitted in the school.

• Girls must comb neatly with two folded plaits with black ribbons and must only have centre parting. Gold ornaments, fancy Jewellery and heavy cosmetics are not allowed..

School is a Public property

• Respect for school property and school belongings is an absolute must.

• Writing, scratching, engraving graffiti, drawing and splashing ink or defacing the school walls, furniture and property are not allowed.

• In the event of collective damage to school property in class room, the entire class will be charged the cost of damage. A vigilant outlook should be maintained towards keeping the surroundings clean. All waste papers should be picked up and thrown into the dustbin.

General Conduct

• Student must speak in decent language all the time. Must ensure that the language is courteous and polite.

• A student must extend due courtesy and respect to all members of staff. Respect of elders and affection for juniors should be soundly inculcated. Every child is expected to uphold the name & honour of the school.

• Students must report any incident of bullying and ragging to the teachers immediately.

• Cell phones, iPods and other similar gadgets are allowed only with the permission of school authorities. Students should use lunch boxes to bring lunch. Avoid ‘use and throw’ materials to bring lunch. Polythene bags are not allowed in the school

• No student should come to school by two wheelers.(Motorcycle)

• The class teacher should be informed if there is any change in address or contact number.

Medical care

• A comprehensive annual medical check-up of each child is done by qualified doctors to monitor the child’s physical growth.

• First aid treatment is given in case of minor accidents and emergencies. In case a child become sick class leader should bring it into the notice of class teacher. Class teacher may direct the child to sick room and if necessary parents may be intimated to take their ward home .If there is any serious illness for which an emergency attention from a Doctor is necessary then the child will be taken to Hospital without waiting for the parents.

• While the school assures all possible precautions and care, the school management will not be responsible for any adverse consequences.

• If any of the child is with a serious illness that have to be brought into the notice of school authorities at the time of admission itself.

• The class teacher should be informed if there is any change in address or contact number.

Visiting time

Parents are free to meet Headmistress in any working hours. However parents are not entertained to meet teachers during class hours. Parents can meet teachers on any working day between 3.30pm to 5 pm with prior appointment. No parent or guest is supposed to go to class rooms to meet any child or a teacher. Parent/guest should meet HM after getting a proper gate pass from the guard. They should meet HM and explain purpose of their visit and if necessary teachers/students may be invited to visiting area.

Guest other than parents are entertained to visit school only after 2.30 pm.

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